about bebiloz

It’s important to find your tribe. — RuPaul

We are two people who cherish our friends, and we think that you do also. In this era of Facebook, we all still get together to celebrate good times, support each other in tough times, and create laughter, joy and comfort. We believe those feelings should start the instant you decide to connect with your friends. Buying things for a get together or sending a care package can be stressful – whether you are searching online or searching for parking. We could not find a company that eliminated the stress with style, so we started one ourselves.

One co-founder spent years putting up party tents, and the most rewarding part was the sights and smells the morning after an event – the aftermath of hundreds of people making one of the great memories of their lives.

The other co-founder has a reputation for always giving out the best swag at any event, and is obsessed with setting the bar higher every time.

We built a company that we would want to be customers of – where it is fun to shop, the prices are reasonable, and everything is done with integrity.

Please tell us about the parties you throw with goodies from Bebiloz - we love to hear about them!

Laura and John